Light and space

When people talk or write about creation of the world in the context of the Bible, they usually take the existence of three-dimensional (3D) space and time for granted.  Philosophers would say, they make an unexpressed assumption about the 3D space and time.  It seems to me that proponents of the Big Bang theory also make such an assumption (please correct me if I am wrong).

Scientists argue that space has 6 dimensions, and may be some other number.  When we talk about 3- or 6- or n-dimensional space, are we talking about the same concept, or the first few dimensions are only about space?  Can 3D space, or the concept of 3D space, with probably inclusion of the fourth dimension of time, exist on its own without involving other dimensions?

When God began creating the universe, He created light. Gn1:3 But we know that the sources of light were created on Day4. Gn1:19 Some scholars and intellectuals argue that God himself was this light of Day1.  But if this explanation was true, than the notion that God created light would be misleading, because God would have done nothing on Day1 since He does not change.  He always is what He is, therefore on Day1 He could not do anything, therefore arguing that He did something would be false.

However, when we try to find what the Bible means when it says that God created light and remembering that we may be wrong when assuming that 3D space has always existed, could we try to see, that God’s words meant creation of the 3D or other n-dimensional space?

Thinking of light as an electromagnetic wave we may realise that it needs at least 3- or 4-dimentional space.  Electric and magnetic field, if I know correctly, must form an angle of 90° and thus we must have at least 3 dimensions (am I correct?).  The change from electric to magnetic field requires time, hence we need at least one more dimension.  My question is: Can light exist in time without moving away from its original position or it has to propagate in space and away from its 2D plus time?

I ask the above questions because I have a feeling that:

  • the existence of cosmic space is not to be taken for granted.
  • When the Bible declares that God created light it means (among other things) that God created empty cosmic space, which He then filled with other phenomena like the laws of physics or the like.

Can anyone please enlighten  and/or correct me on the issues of light and space in the context of the original nothingness?  The answer may take into account an interesting description of further creation like division between water or water and dry land (mass, gravitation) which may mean, apart from their basic meaning, introduction of some other laws of the basic 3D space.  We might add some laws to Day1 eg. The waves propagate in straight line (not on water?), Doppler effect, etc.

I am looking forward to seeing breathtaking posts in this blog space.  Thanks in advance.

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