Half-hour Silence in Heaven

Polska wersja.

Many commentators hold that half-an-hour silence in heaven Rv8:1 will take place at Jesus’s second coming to our planet, because all heaven will be empty at that time.  However, I find it difficult to imply silence in heaven during one of the most joyous events when all God’s children are taken to heaven while ignoring one of the saddest events which will take place after the Millennium where at least 50 billion people and a huge number of spirit beings (demons) will be annihilated forever.

When a small group of king David’s faithful servants went to Gihon 1K1:33 to anoint Salomon as king over Israel, 1K1:34 “the people were playing on flutes and rejoicing with great joy, so that the earth shook at their noise.” 1K1:40nasb When Joab heard the noise he asked “Why is the city making such an uproar?” 1K1:41nasb Jonathan confirmed that people came back from the celebration of the anointment of king Solomon and this is why “the city is in an uproar.” 1K1:45nasb

Based on the above scene of enthronement of king Solomon I cannot help it but imagine that at Jesus’s second coming the joy of taking the redeemed of all ages to heaven will reverberate throughout heaven, and the description of half-hour silence is incompatible with it.

Instead, half-hour silence in heaven Rv8:1 fits perfectly the event taking place at the end of the Millennium and is not a result of emptying heaven.  The silence will take place because at least 50 billion people and maybe much higher number of demons will be annihilated forever.  It is difficult to imagine a sadder scene.

Half-hour silence in heaven does not describe empty heaven during one of the most joyous celebrations ever; instead, silenced heaven who farewells forever those who refused to participated in endless joy of God’s eternal kingdom fits the scene perfectly.

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