Divorce (1)

Young couple have problems in relationshipContemplating Divorce

Marriage was instituted by God in the garden of Eden with the purpose of being all-accessible pattern and reminder throughout millennia of the wonder of the covenant with God. As the covenant between two people should be based on total trust and be maintained at any cost, so should be the covenant with God. As the covenant between two people should be the most important and intimate relationship in the world, and the breaking of which is the most devastating for all parties involved, so should be understood the covenant with God. As the covenant between two people should never be broken, so the covenant with God because breaking it means to lose eternal life of boundless joy.

The world is not an ideal place to maintain a marriage covenant because Satan usurped the right to rule it and wins more and more followers who join his action of removing everything that is of God’s origin; particularly the image of God in man. From the very beginning of creation of the universe, Satan introduces new schemes to deceive people into believing anything that is false. For several millennia all mankind witness the corruption of the institution of marriages which recently legalizes marriages formed by partners of same sex, where children are no longer a spontaneous outcome of both parents’ (male and female) most intimate experience. God’s desire for a new life to take the beginning when parents experience the biggest joy available to men slowly fades out from human minds, and so the idea that God creates people because He wants to share His love with them and ultimately grant them eternal life of boundless joy.

Strong sexual desires designed to glue and heal marriages are being perverted by people and are often used to seek partners away from marriage. God introduced some laws to help couples strengthen and maintain marriages even when they failed to listen to the original instructions of limiting sexual desires to marriages. Yet the number of hurting marriages continued to grow. God knew however, that it is better to give people another chance at marriage then to force them to remain in the marriage that has become a place of torture. For couples living in such marriages, God would become a monster, and the fate of living with such a monster for eternity would repel people from friendship with Him rather than make them thirst for it. Countless examples now show that the opportunity of the second or even third chance brings justifiable results and brings people to God instead of repelling them. Although the image of God is seriously damaged by the first shattered marriage, the second marriage tries to restore it and often does it with significant results. In giving people a second chance, God is clearly putting people above marriage vows, not below them.

In some cases, people make big mistakes in selecting a partner for marriage due to lack of knowledge, experience, hidden faults or even conscious decision of the other partner. It would be grossly unfair if an honest partner was destined to suffer wrong decision of the other partner for the rest of their lives. The additional laws would come to the rescue in such situations and release people from more traps of Satan. So, God knew that additional laws to His original law would save many people from various unbearable cases, where people would be bound in failed marriages to the end of their lives.

As any laws, the laws that end the marriage are sometimes being abused, therefore breaking of the marriage vows is never encouraged without serious consideration giving it a fair chance to recover, always brings a lot of hurt to all parties involved and never represent God’s ideal design. However, it shows God’s love for those who failed for some reason, or those who are innocent yet trapped to suffer someone else’s blunder or even a conscious decision to abuse the marriage. God desires all people to love by choice, because love by being trapped will never result in true happiness. Therefore in many cases of broken marriages, it is better to leave behind partners who do not cooperate and move on, then to be dragged by them back to pain and misery.

Will be continued (with biblical support)


2 Responses to Divorce (1)

  1. yirmegail says:

    Thank you for a wonderfully written article – depicting God’s love and yet I struggle with the concept of a marriage vow being broken.
    A concept where a covenant is made before God, and the ability to remain in this covenant. To what extend does one say “It’s enough” and leave this covenant – knowing you could have always tried a little harder or sustained a little more.
    I know many from our Christian faith that had remained within a marriage as they value these vows taken and felt it could never be broken. So the marriage may not have uphold the love or that wives had to be submitted to their husband but none the less, remained because of a vow they took before God.
    It would be hard to know if one is to remain, especially if there were no physical abuse or perhaps within the relationship though holds no love, BUT could display to all a breaking of a vow and where Christianity could be labeled in the breaking of this vow.
    It is always difficult as you say, with any law, humans will always find a way of abusing it to suit their own personal desires and be free of abiding to a law which was originally created to help us live closely to God.

    • cezaryn says:

      Thank you for inspiring question and comments. I will address them in part2 and part3. Stay tuned and let me know what you think and whether I covered your inquiries.

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