Divorce (2)

Young couple have problems in relationshipReasons for divorce

It seems that for Jesus

  • the only reason for divorce is sexual immorality,[1]
  • the marriage vows must never be broken (husband and wife have to stay in the marriage until one of them dies),[2] and
  • anyone that divorces his wife (or her husband) and marries another woman (or man) commits adultery.[3]

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Divorce (1)

Young couple have problems in relationshipContemplating Divorce

Marriage was instituted by God in the garden of Eden with the purpose of being all-accessible pattern and reminder throughout millennia of the wonder of the covenant with God. Czytaj dalej…

Creation as seen by Moses (1)

ArmageddonIn the desert

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After the great revolt just before entering the Promised Land, the Lord sent us to be wanderers for 40 years in the desert.  Having all the time in the world, I desired to chronicle the history of the chosen nation, but my attempts always ended abruptly when I intended to write the very beginning.  Even the oldest Israelites did not know exactly how the world was created, and some of them had various ideas which were difficult to reconcile.  I asked the Lord on a few occasions to show me the very beginning, but each time the Lord was silent. Read more of this post

To Recognize Friends

20131215ikonkaPolska wersja jest tutaj.

 “I do not want to be some kind of an invisible apparition, sitting on some fluffy cloud, strumming a harp day and night.”  This is how some people describe the resurrection of spirit bodies to uphold the idea that after the resurrection, people will have exactly the same bodies as Adam and Eve had. Read more of this post

Guardian Angel

20131111ikonkaPolska wersja jest tutaj.

Just before the sermon, in the children’s corner, I heard that each child has a guardian angel who stands and protects them from all evil.  I wonder where such teachings come from. Read more…

Unforgivable or unforgiven?

ComfortingOnly those whose sins are forgiven will enter the Kingdom of God.  Therefore, for those who want to spend eternity with God, it is of utmost importance to make sure that their sins are forgiven.  However, Jesus teaches that some sins will not be forgiven, yet does not describe exactly what these sins are.  It would be unfair of God if He did not give us enough information to deduce what the sins against the Holy Spirit are.  Would we be able to work out what these sins are on the basis of what we already know? Read more…

Broniąc Boga (2)

HerzZapracować na radość

Wydaje mi się że czasami powtarzamy jakieś zdania nie zastanawiając się nad tym co one właściwie znaczą.  Być może był to najlepszy sposób wyrażenia jakiejś myśli wiele lat temu, ale z biegiem czasu należałoby go nieco uaktualnić(?). Czytaj dalej…