Promises (3)

20151126ikonkaFrom the greatest Book of all, by the greatest Author of all time, the greatest promises and thoughts for everyone to remember and treasure as the best guide in life.

Z najwspanialszej Księgi ze wszystkich ksiąg, od najznakomitszego Autora wszech czasów, najpiękniejsze obietnice i myśli dla każdego do zapamiętania i zaskarbienia jako najlepszy przewodnik w życiu.

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Frau wird Opfer häuslicher GewaltBefore considering the concept of predestination, the concept of free will needs to be understood.

Free Will

Free will, precisely: freedom to choose from available options to act upon them. God gave every human freedom to choose. Adam and Eve were informed about it,[1] or God would never tell them to not eat a fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. God extends an invitation to everyone to choose to believe in Him and have everlasting life.[2] From the ancient times God encourages everyone to choose life.[3] As a result, everyone is responsible for their own choices.[4] God will respect all choices that people make. Even when someone choose to live in enmity with Him and die eternal death, God will respect their choices. Read more…