The seven churches (1)

Church of the Seven ApostlesIt is sad that some Bible scholars imply God’s anger, judgement, and punishment where others see God’s love. Bible translators forever insist that the signs and wonders God performed in Egypt are plagues that God used to punish stubborn Egyptians. It is beyond me how Jesus’s letters to the 7 churches dictated to His beloved disciple are construed as judgements or punishments. Even worse, the following events presented as the 7 seals and the 7 trumpets are sometimes claimed to be more severe judgements than the 7 churches. Read more…

The Stone Kingdom

SpaWhen seminars on Daniel 2 are conducted, the statue from Nebuchadnezzar’s dream is usually shown in a graphical form, similar to the one below. Read more…

To Recognize Friends

20131215ikonkaPolska wersja jest tutaj.

 “I do not want to be some kind of an invisible apparition, sitting on some fluffy cloud, strumming a harp day and night.”  This is how some people describe the resurrection of spirit bodies to uphold the idea that after the resurrection, people will have exactly the same bodies as Adam and Eve had. Read more of this post

Unforgivable or unforgiven?

ComfortingOnly those whose sins are forgiven will enter the Kingdom of God.  Therefore, for those who want to spend eternity with God, it is of utmost importance to make sure that their sins are forgiven.  However, Jesus teaches that some sins will not be forgiven, yet does not describe exactly what these sins are.  It would be unfair of God if He did not give us enough information to deduce what the sins against the Holy Spirit are.  Would we be able to work out what these sins are on the basis of what we already know? Read more…

One earth or more?

A friend of mine asked me the following question: „If Rv21:1–4 speak about the new Heaven and the New Earth, what is Isaiah 65:17–21 talking about?  I asked 5 Pastors, however, I am still waiting for answers.  Have a blessed Sabbath!  EW” (3 Aug 2012, 9:36pm)

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Who are the 144,000?


In March this year, the South Pacific Division began to present a series of 24 lectures on the book of Revelation.  The series is developed by Dr Jon Paulien of Loma Linda University in cooperation with Dr Graeme Bradford, and published under the guidance of the Biblical Research Institute of the South Pacific Division.  I attend the meetings and need to share my findings, because some interpretations seem to be imposed on the Bible, instead of being derived from it.  In this essay I will present a confusing interpretation of the meaning of the 144,000 of people who are sealed or receive the seal of God. Keep reading…

Sąd przed-Milenijny

Niebiański kronikarz

Dawno temu, w zamierzchłych czasach, słyszałem że w niebie mieszka anioł-kronikarz, który spisuje moje uczynki, dobre lub złe.  Nie tylko uczynki, ale również moje myśli, intencje, i motywy działania.  A kiedy przyjmuję chrzest, moje imię jest wpisane do Księgi Życia, do tej samej księgi w której było również imię Mojżesza.[1] Sąd śledczy (lub Milenijny) który ponoć rozpoczął się w niebie w roku 1844 ma za zadanie sprawdzić życie każdego człowieka zapisanego w Księdze Życia.  Bóg wertuje księgi, a księgi muszą być bez jakichkolwiek błędów, gdyż od tego zależy czy dany człowiek poniesie wieczną śmierć, czy otrzyma wieczne życie. Czytaj dalej…

Half-hour Silence in Heaven

Polska wersja.

Many commentators hold that half-an-hour silence in heaven Rv8:1 will take place at Jesus’s second coming to our planet, because all heaven will be empty at that time.  However, I find it difficult to imply silence in heaven during one of the most joyous events when all God’s children are taken to heaven while ignoring one of the saddest events which will take place after the Millennium where at least 50 billion people and a huge number of spirit beings (demons) will be annihilated forever. Read more of this post