Many ideas about God are floating around the world.  But Satan made it his business to distort God’s image in any possible manner.  One day I realised that many things from what I knew about God were simply an insult to Him.  Then  I declared that my all knowledge of God is false unless I can prove it from His Word (the Bible).  For a few years I have had rebuilt my knowledge of God and since then I keep an eye on what I accept as the truth.

Some posts will be written in Polish.

Personal conviction

I am a seventh-day adventist, but never accept anything on face value.  I have a great respect for Ellen White whom I recognize as a prophetess, but in agreement with my personal principles and her own statement, “the Bible, and the Bible alone, is our rule of faith, and that the sayings and doings of men are not to be a criterion for our doctrines or actions.”  CSW84§2

The purpose

It is my pleasure to make my findings public and look forward to hearing from anyone who wishes to comment on them.  I promise to consider every comment, but, unfortunately, cannot promise to accept everything that anyone cares to post to my blog.  If you like what you found here, do not keep it to yourself.

Intellectual property

For practical reasons, all comments posted to this blog become by default my intellectual property and I will use them without quoting and giving credits to anyone.  But if you want me to give credit to you, please specify clearly what comments are your property and how to give you a credit.

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