Promises (2)

20151123ikonkaFrom the greatest Book of all, by the greatest Author of all time, the greatest promises and thoughts for everyone to remember and treasure as the best guide in life.

Z najwspanialszej Księgi ze wszystkich ksiąg, od najznakomitszego Autora wszech czasów, najpiękniejsze obietnice i myśli dla każdego do zapamiętania i zaskarbienia jako najlepszy przewodnik w życiu.

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Fable or high-tech report?

Fable or high-tech report?Double sunset

When God approached Moses and asked him to write down the account of Creation, did He intend to compete with legends of the origin of the world, or He had in mind cosmology of the 21st century? At the surface, Creation may look like an old fable that lacks wisdom and logic, even when compared to the theory of evolution, but there is a chance that it presents highly sophisticated report of what has actually happened that is far beyond what Moses was able to learn and imagine. Read more of this post

The seven churches (1)

Church of the Seven ApostlesIt is sad that some Bible scholars imply God’s anger, judgement, and punishment where others see God’s love. Bible translators forever insist that the signs and wonders God performed in Egypt are plagues that God used to punish stubborn Egyptians. It is beyond me how Jesus’s letters to the 7 churches dictated to His beloved disciple are construed as judgements or punishments. Even worse, the following events presented as the 7 seals and the 7 trumpets are sometimes claimed to be more severe judgements than the 7 churches. Read more…

Pharaoh’s heart

The girl-dancer in a costume of the PharaohSome passages in the Bible do not seem right to us and we begin to wonder whether our understanding is correct. For example, we find that God hardened Pharaoh’s heart to provide an opportunity to show more signs and wonders in the land of Egypt[1] or be honoured by destroying Pharaoh’s army.[2] But we know that God gave people free will and would not force them to do something to be able to bring calamities on all the land of Egypt. Read more…

Divorce (3)

Young couple have problems in relationshipMore about divorce

In many trivial and not so trivial cases, some people have a tendency to make decisions that supposedly will not cause others to talk badly about them. Does this principle work? Is it a good guide to make decisions? Will people ever make bad comments about other people? Does the Bible teach that we should please people, or we should rather please God? Read more…

Avoid false prophets

liarAvoid deception

Nobody wants to be deceived. But at the same time we want to follow instructions that come from God, whether we understand them or not. However, we are aware, that in some cases God’s enemy may try to deceive us by a delivery of the massage that supposedly comes from God. Are we at the mercy of demons in such cases, or God has provided the means of avoiding deception? Read more…


Frau wird Opfer häuslicher GewaltBefore considering the concept of predestination, the concept of free will needs to be understood.

Free Will

Free will, precisely: freedom to choose from available options to act upon them. God gave every human freedom to choose. Adam and Eve were informed about it,[1] or God would never tell them to not eat a fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. God extends an invitation to everyone to choose to believe in Him and have everlasting life.[2] From the ancient times God encourages everyone to choose life.[3] As a result, everyone is responsible for their own choices.[4] God will respect all choices that people make. Even when someone choose to live in enmity with Him and die eternal death, God will respect their choices. Read more…

The Stone Kingdom

SpaWhen seminars on Daniel 2 are conducted, the statue from Nebuchadnezzar’s dream is usually shown in a graphical form, similar to the one below. Read more…

Divorce (2)

Young couple have problems in relationshipReasons for divorce

It seems that for Jesus

  • the only reason for divorce is sexual immorality,[1]
  • the marriage vows must never be broken (husband and wife have to stay in the marriage until one of them dies),[2] and
  • anyone that divorces his wife (or her husband) and marries another woman (or man) commits adultery.[3]

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Divorce (1)

Young couple have problems in relationshipContemplating Divorce

Marriage was instituted by God in the garden of Eden with the purpose of being all-accessible pattern and reminder throughout millennia of the wonder of the covenant with God. Czytaj dalej…